Plaça del Moviment Obrer

Participatory project for the reordering of the old Porta Firal

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In response to a neighborhood demand collected in the program "Pla de Barris" 2016-2020, a project is being prepared for the co-design of a public park. The proposal is a skateable park In the area of ​​the Porta Firal de Barcelona, which is renamed as Plaça del Moviment Obrer. The main objective was the improvement and adaptation of the existing public space to meet the needs of the neighborhood, and specifically the skate collective, La Marina Patina.

Recycled Design

For this purpose, it was proposed to define a roadmap, a participatory methodology and the drafting of a preliminary project that would involve the neighborhood in the development of a project to boost the area. The intervention includes events in the neighborhood that mix diffusion, participation and sports, and recycling a design that incorporates the traces of previous designs.

The strategy took into account the need to maintain a close collaboration between the entities, the existing associations in the territory and the different municipal agents. So much so, that during the initial phase of the process multiple dissemination activities were carried out in which the secondary schools of the neighborhood and the municipal market plaza were visited. In each act, a skate exhibition was held with the objective of informing the beginning of the process and encouraging potential participants.


The commission of the project focuses on three basic areas, which must guarantee a socially and environmentally responsible process: Collaborative work among users; the reuse and recycling of materials to lower the costs; and digital communication through the web tool to favor transparency and trust between agents.


Throughout four work sessions a blueprint was created that defined three differentiated spaces. An area of ​​intensive use and skating of about 2,000 m2 that houses two skate bowls and sets of stairs is designed. An unobstructed initiation space was also planned to facilitate the use of beginners. And finally, for those who do not skate but want to enjoy the renewed space of the neighborhood, a general use area was included, presided over by a large pergola and surrounded by a renewed mass of trees.


The proposed design is based on the conservation, transformation or reproduction of the existing elements of urbanization. It is about mimicking the new gestures with the existing public space, avoiding the introduction of new design traces. The spiral motifs and eye shaped design traces, characteristic of the original project by Toyo Ito Associates and Óscar Tusquets are recycled as a main motif, taking full advantage of the existing elements and providing more green and shaded areas.

July 2018 October 2019
Straddle3 with Sergi Arenas, Lur Paisajistak and Elena Climent