Who we are

We have been an active collective in Barcelona since 1998. We work on architecture and city wide issues from a grassroots perspective. We develop processes of citizen participation on recovery of the industrial and cultural fabric; temporary and permanent interventions in spaces and public buildings and sustainable social housing initiatives. We conduct courses and workshops in different countries and we are passionate about co-learning situations. We promote and co-design digital tools, manuals and open-source guides for their application in processes related to participatory urbanism.

If you want to learn more, you can click here to see the Straddle3 team.

Our relationship with Arquitecturas Colectivas

We are founders and enthusiastic members of the International Network of Arquitecturas Colectivas. AACC is a network of people and groups, interested in cooperative processes aimed at caring for, and transforming our environments. In over ten years of existence of the network, we have actively participated in all its aspects, including the organization of meetings, the design and production of its website and other tools. Furthermore, the development of architecture projects in horizontal collaboration between collectives.


If you want to learn more, you can click here to open the Arquitecturas Colectivas website in a new window.


Riereta 32, 1-3
Barcelona 08001
Tel +34 934 432 309

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