Repository websites

Among other websites, we have developed some forms as a support platform for participatory processes through which neighbors can participate in the development of projects in all its phases, from co-design to collaborative construction and your co-management.


Nou Ateneu de Sant Boi (2014)


Skatepark en Santa Coloma de Gramenet (2015)


Skatepark en Maldà (2017)


Eje de espacios deportivos en Trinitat Vella (2018)


Skatepark en La Marina (2018)


Skatepark en Barberà del Vallès (2018)


Web antigua de Straddle3 (1998-2018)


context weblog (2006)



There are also the websites of old processes and projects, such as Straddle3's previous website, the Weblog Context, an observatory on science, art and technology or the website of the research group on participation in Barcelona that worked mainly in the two thousand.


Web antigua de Straddle3 (1998-2018)


Context weblog (2001-2006)


Open Fridays (2002-2006)


Lexigrafik (2001-2005)


Grup de Participació (2008-2010)



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