Pere Vila playground

New play areas in the playground of the Pere Vila school



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  • The playful circuit

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  • workshop

  • Play circuit

  • Play circuit

  • Play circuit

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The parents of the students promote a new playground project, dedicated to the kindergartners in order to collectively create their own friendly and naturalized space, oriented to a more free and creative environment.

Appropriate Design and Community

The design and construction was done by the students, parents, teachers and management of the school, along with the team of Straddle3, without other external professionals. The process itself is generated in successive sessions of workshops, debates and games, in which the space is redefined and singled out while the community is reunited and recognized, mixed and reunited. An important part of the materials used are the ones reused from previous installations, mostly from the project "Consell / Decent".

The process consists of several stages. Once the general distribution has been decided - consisting mainly of a sandy area, a ludic track, a pergola and a kitchen - game - the execution schedule is laid out in the form of auto-construction workshops.

From the first ideas of families, teachers and students, a series of movement games have been designed that generate different visuals and allow experimenting with touch and music.

Part of the material resources of the project came from an installation made by Straddle3 in the Car Free Day of the same year, called "Consell / Decent". This detail allowed us to create enough elements with limited investment and a link was established between these two processes.

In the first three sessions, the sandbox and the decoration of the fence with plants were built. The material was prepared for the next phase and a barbecue was held in a festive atmosphere.

In a third workshop the kitchenette was built and repairs were made to the existing furniture.

The next step was the construction of the ludic track -in several days- since it was the element with the most complexity. This circuit is the most complete element of the patio. It consists of 6 modules, which are connected and interlocked to generate a continuous circuit, allowing kids to move freely and play; passing through a balance module, a step module, a module to climb, another to rest and another to look.

June 2017
Straddle3, parents and Barcelona Education Consortium
Ampa of the school Pere Vila. Barcelona
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