Public Space Tools

Digital tool for the activation of public space

Public Space Tools (PST) is a digital tool to equip ourselves when intervening in public space. It aims to be a means to disseminate and amplify alerts and complaints about abuses of power. It also collects and orders good ideas and interesting practices, taking into account the legal conditions in the different places.

PST aims to support the efforts of the various groups and groups committed to the public demand for public space as a commons. A commitment that longs to fight for public space, its reappropriation and transformation, and to enjoy it in the company of others.

The first step to interact with PST is to explore the content published on the site without having to register as a user. This guide will teach you to navigate the content and customize the platform according to your interests. The project is in development and users can expand it, by correcting and enriching it with experiences, criticism and contributions.



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