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friday :: september 17, 2004
d-form + pd~convention04 + trans cultural mapping > reclaim the streams!

Think Tools for Revolution! At times the calendar is capricious & important events happen at the same time and in different places. Sometimes one has the intuition that there will be a before and an after to this chain of hidden coincidences.

This article explains and calls for the spontaneous fusion, vital & necessary , of these three events in Fortress Europe, in this autumn without leaves.

This non-coincidence will be from the 1st to the 3rd of october.

In Riga, Art+Communication: Trans Cultural Mapping, will exhibit the conclusions of the recent workshops from locative.net. The culmination of months of study under the umbrella of the european Trans Cultural Mapping program. A cocktail of Locative Media, Spectrum Ecology, Tactical Cartography and Endocolonisation. Art+Communicaction has the role of Thinktank in the triple event : where theory positions itself politically.

At the same time in the pd~convention04 (Graz) it is the first time that the kernel of the most revolutionary program in the 'free' market have gathered together. Pureč Data is a project of one of the most trash communities of free programming in history, a ballbreaking which will be retransmitted from Graz. A group of artist programmers will show what they have done in their caus - mainly, universities & hacklabs - these last few years. They are a trash community that play a sort of chinese go that propose the tools for the new strategy of netmedia.

"A celebration of our alternative culture" claims D-Form (Barcelona). D-Form is a sort of Akira that grows & grows. Its much more than a party and less than a revolution, but it is the beginning of a strategy of global resistence against an already failing Capital. They say that people are coming from all over Europe and beyond, the call of the Revolution has arrived !

The video and audio streams from the Think Repository of Riga, the Tool Kit of Graz & the Permanent Revolution of Barcelona are transmitted via gollum.artefacte.org, a tool for the new era.

The fusion of the three events has to be total because politics is everywhere, because the new form that culture is acquiring in the barcelona mercalab is dangerous and spreading. Because they communicate with gamepads, with sensors, with Pure Data, and because theres nowhere that the call has become so extensive, delocalised and urgent. Everybody is welcome !!! (thanxs pedro for the translation)

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the gollum insurrection

1. Other coincident events, directly related to Fortress-Europe-: Encounter of the 'Red Dos Orillas' network in Tanger from 1 to the 3 of October. The strategies of communication and the relations will be dealt among other subjects with indymedia madiaq and therefore with the project al-jwarizmi - gollum... http://madiaq.indymedia.org/news/2004/09/9151.php
Red Dos Orillas: http://redasociativa.org/dosorillas
2. Interesting commentaries/critical to the concept of Fortress Europe, by Sandro Mezzadra, of the network Frassanito, of which also indymedia comprises narrow. Mezzadra/Fortress Europe [ spanish ]: http://madiaq.indymedia.org/news/2004/09/9147.php
Frassanito is a transeuropean network that thinks the migration like a social movement [ to see tb the previous article of Mezzadra ]. At the moment we are preparing events for ESF 14-17 of October and the year that enters. The 10-12 of September in London was a preparatory meeting: http://madiaq.indymedia.org/news/2004/08/8883.php Without a doubt, it would be interesting if we could advance in the alliances mig-cog... to connect the technological-mediatic encounter that comment with these more social and political others, of one more a more powerful and transforming way... Next horizon: The DASH meeting and Euromayday 2005
3. Madiaq is afraid for the kidnapping of indymedia. The threat floats in the Network... Brown hackers... seems that http://madiaq.indymedia.org could happen in the next hours... Greetings _ osfa


http://barcelona.indymedia.org/newswire/display/122662/index.php by tmc art. indymedia barcelona, september 23, 2004


d-form: an alternative path

We live in a society bombarded with information from a corporate media that seeks to shape our lives into consuming, working and self obsession. The value of community has been reduced to that of the services provided by local government. The streets reduced to pathways for oil driven vehicles and consumerism.
The vast majority of the community of Europe has been conquered and disempowered by an authoritarian structure dictated to by global elites. These global elites have control over our energy requirements, our natural resources, our food, our water, our air, our health. This absolute power means they are free to destroy and exploit indigenous peoples, nature, global climate and wage wars against our will.
So what use is information within this scale of global injustice? Because we are being fed mis-information our alternative culture has developed its own media. Information then becomes a real solution, but only if we know "how" to use it. For it is the deeds and not the words that have the power for change.
The information that will be provided @ deform is information for action, seeking solutions on local and global levels. Practical skills as a practical means to rid our lives of the global elites and offer the wider community the sliver of a chance of re-evolution.

The struggle remains to reclaim the future.

For any collectives wishing to participate, bring info, your skills, a prepared talk... please contact infozone (at) deform.org OR infozona (at) deform.org


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respect the culture!!!

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