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friday :: june 18, 2004
fadaiat: a new kind of public space

fadaiat means in arab satellite, space shuttle, and parabolic dish!

Transacciones / Fadaiat :: a two day event taking place on the 22 and 23 June 2004 simultaneously in a historic castle in Tarifa (Andalusia, Spain), located on the Gibraltar Strait, and Tangiers (Morrocco). Supported by collectives and individuales that work in the areas of art, multimedia, independent media, communication and grass-roots social movements, the project aims to promote creativity, thought and action based on the ideas of freedom of knowledge and freedom of movement in the context of the recent geopolitical history of the zone. The project is also supported by diverse universities and local government bodies. In create a virtual bridge over the Strait and document the events taking place between the two locations, We will be making a series of live audo and video streams available, produced from Tarifa, Tangiers and around the globe. >from *fadaiat site*

"Our goal is to explore new alliances among immaterial-cognitive workers and migrants, and develop common projects, in particular in the geopolitical territory of the Straits of Gibraltar, one of the high voltage borders of today _ uniting & separating the European Union and Africa. Of course we think it is importante to build bridges - in this case virtual - rather than militarized borders between western and islamic countries, and this is part of our modest contribution to this goal. We also have been working already for a year in one - if not the first transcontinental - indymedia projects, in this same territory: indymedia estrecho / madiaq.

"We imagine the event, as well, as a geographic prototype of a non capitalist space of flows; it will somehow attempt to be an experimental enactment of the global polis.

"The mix, local-global, physical-digital, of outgoing and incoming streams will produce a new kind of public space, which we have been experimenting with for some years." Reflections by osfa from hackitectura.net.

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cuántos muertos más en el estrecho?
transit non stop for all

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