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cuntdown 2002

sampling new cultural context

1 day:

discover by yourself a big picture of an emerging culture, to be translated into your own open-ended navigation charts for the fast changing territory of life in a new era
> through the wall
2 days:

how the fast changes in communication and production technologies would influence the ways we live=learn+work+play
> context ark tool
3 days:

you wanna go there? you wanna built it? you've got the looks, i've got the brains? or she's got the looks, you've got the brains, we have the words? or no one's got nothing, hence nothing to lose? okay, so this all spills into some transition i'm sure....
> context code
4 days:

each sound of our cotidian things can be used to create,
to reorder noise and turn it to an expression of feelings
with X-flow i try to create sound landscapes.
i assume that music is not just songs
> gob of spit [x-flow]
5 days:

graphiks to escape flatland,
increase the number of dimentions that are revealed in a visual image or graph, talk to words to dig an understanding conversation
> straddle3.net/lexigrafik
6 days:

involved in shaping an open and free network society,
to care and feeding the digital innovation commons
> rawa.org
7 days:

site that everyone can access
to contribute to the universality of the web
> neurons drawn
by ramon y cajal
8 days:

try to contextualize information

:: digest, with text, image and sound,
:: link to the original source,
:: gather the flow of news on their subjects,
:: search engine and resources to explore the net...

> context busilis
9 days:

a do-it-yourself spirit,
searching a new 'art de vivre'
> first integrated circuit
developed by jack kilby
10 days:

information on art, science, technology
and their intersections
> the electron orbitals
inside a silicon atom are revealed using atomic force microscopy
11 days:

track and participate
in the emergence of a new cultural context
> circo de papel.
la plata, buenos aires
12 days:

context weblog,
an emerging culture observatory
> earth's invisible magnetic tail
the first global views of our planet's magnetosphere, captured by NASA's IMAGE spacecraft, reveal a curious plasma tail that stretches toward the Sun.

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      "active, informed citizen participation is the key to shaping the network society. a new "public sphere" is required." seattle statement
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