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context etymology:
> parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its meaning
> the interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs
> environment, setting
> about the project 2.0

context project,
the emerging culture as art de vivre

a new planetary culture emerge in the context of the digital information and connections. one culture that overcomes the old cultural dimensions clashes (science-art, universal-national, public-private, work-leissure, entertainment-education...).

context project is devoted to a net driven research and development on this new cultural context. the project's initiatives aims to appropriate and disseminate the emerging culture as a new 'art de vivre.'

context project is commited to the conservancy and growth of the digital commons. "creativity and innovation rely on a rich heritage of prior intellectual endeavor. we stand on the shoulders of giants by revisiting, reusing, and transforming the ideas and works of our peers and predecessors. digital communications promise a new explosion of this kind of collaborative creative activity." from Creative Commons.

the core activity is the context weblog; a log of our techno times, a 'weblog' of emerging culture. context weblog acts as a filter and context provider, tracking emerging culture and offering related news' digest. context weblog links to the original sources, adopts a global approach and faces contradictory paradygms. since its inception, context weblog has been a platform for experimentation with:

- the 'semantic web' vision (in the form of information available for people and also processable for computers),

- the original internet paradigm, 'peer-to-peer' (with content's exchange participation),

- the next generation of pervasive technologies (towards a digital environment of embeded/contextualized information and services in physical places).

context project establishes a fluid structure for the post-web world -- relating one project to another, one group to another and both to the physical places.in an open symbiotic process, context weblog was incubated and released with straddle3 constructors. This process helps to grow a co-evolution between context project and straddle3.

currently, context weblog explores emerging cultural practices and technologies in the framework of straddle3, redefined as "an architecture and new media studio commited to find solutions for customers/partners' projects in traditional and new networked environments." in particular, context project contributes to the evolution of straddle3 as an 'open source company' to be ready for the coming context, for the next cycle; 'the tech revolution is about to get rebooted.'

josep saldaña cavallé
revision 2.0. may 30, 2002

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> context weblog 1.0 released [january 2002]
> about context 1.0 [january 2001]



intellectual property online :: work-in-progress
copyleft | free art license | [cc] counter-copyright campaign

process <

since january, 1 2002

prerelease :: january > december 2001 :: syndication
since jan, 01 -new year- until dec, 31 -last day 2001-

beta :: september > december 2000 :: prototype
since sept, 22 -fall equinox- until dec, 21 -winter solstice-

alpha :: june > september 2000 :: concept
since june, 21 -summer solstice- until sept, 22 -fall equinox-

> team

Context project, concept and implementation, is a contribution of josep saldaña cavallé. The habitat straddle3 , hipermedia + architecture, <http://straddle3.net/> hosts context project since its inception in summer 2000, providing design, code and technical maintenance for this service, and related works in content packaging. Project team (josep saldaña, joan escofet, , gilad ezra buzi, david juarez, jaume nualart and sergi saldaña massó) share the common desire to make a positive contribution to the development process of the Internet as a form of open, free and peer-to-peer media.

creator + txt
> josep saldaña cavallé

I try to offer original insights which have emerged from my journey in the internet during the last six years. You can discovery by yourself a big picture of an emerging culture, to be translated into your own open-ended navigation charts for the fast changing territory of life in a new era. A divulgative work made in a weblike way, that can be enjoyed, read and used on many levels.

construction + graphik
> joan escofet planas

today files look at you through a square window, the screen is flat, but human perception is not. with context graphics i try to escape flatland, increase the number of dimensions that are revealed in a visual image or graph, talk to words to dig an understanding conversation, a back and forth electric short-circuit to construct meaning; diverse approaches to enlarge and enhance context.

> sergi saldaña massó

Music is alive, going from one extreme to another. Each sound of our quotidian things can be used to create, to reorder noise and turn it to an expression of feelings. *X-flow* is a project with no rules, that means no dependence of structures, non lineal construction, is more a deconstruction of my feels. Mind has no inner rules. With X-flow I try to create sound landscapes. I assume that music is not just songs... So I also create cuts to be used as interchangeable loops. X-flow is a kind of searching.


> gilad ezra buzi

you wanna go there? you wanna built it? you've got the looks, i've got the brains? or she's got the looks, you've got the brains, we have the words? or no one's got nothing, hence nothing to lose? okay, so this all spills into some transition i'm sure.... into the gang i'm gonna turn you all into. into the imagefuckers, wordfuckers, kulturesmashers.

spanish + catalan (2005-...)
> lupe garcía

I begin to surf through the context at the end of the year 2001: a nice surprise, plenty of different, common, networked ways that allow a multi-dimensional trip. Now I shape the text in Spanish and Catalan.

ark + spanish (2002-2004)
> david juarez latimer-knowles

in the last few years I've questioned myself several times, as many others, how the fast changes in communication and production technologies would influence the ways we live [learn/work/play]. One of the answers could be a stimulant 'you decide how'. For many of us, not scientists, technicians nor artists, but maybe a little mixture, this situation could be seen as an opportunity to grow.

catalan (2002-2003)
> jaume nualart

many many years ago, at least 6, was easy to think about computers. Today the things have changed and a vortex has empowered some of us. Once taken the decision to spend some time observing this compressed reality, after deciding to be an active part of it (like a grain of sand or wahtever), I seat every night, to shameful hours, deep breathing, press some play button.... and make the translation to catalan of my own vital context.

german (2003-2004)
> jan bechberger

The Web is a fantastic source of information, where you can find also critical sources and where you can get information about issues, which normally are not found in traditional (mass-) media. But chaos rules out there! To provide a good quality weblog for me means to create a piece of order according to self-chosen criteria. The people will gladly use such offers, above all, when a new synthesis will be formed, like it is the case of 'context'.

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     "active, informed citizen participation is the key to shaping the network society. a new "public sphere" is required." seattle statement
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