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saturday :: january 18, 2003
pure-data beta rave

In the present days of involution of civilisation from the summit, of techno-militarization of the borders and implementation of the society of control... Wich is the role of the individual in front this situations? and more specifically, wich is the role of the scientist? And the role of the architect, and the role of the engineer?

An answer... A matrix prototype running on a modern ruin, a high speed train station in Seville, Spain (from Expo92). An "architectural machine" deployed in a protest action to say no to a war against Irak. Today's event is a collaborative project organised by *wewearbuildings, *fusilaje, *madridwireless , and *telenoika.

The prototip will run as a transmissor in-out of the matrix reciving signal from the events of the future. The choosed place (due to its sci-fi capacity) is a dead rail where the trains AVE arrived during the Expo 92. The idea of course is that all will run poetically and more as a developement of an urban carnivore. Wifi context: creation of a space for free access without cales, making possible a rizomatical management in real time of the contents. Webcasting (in-out) reception of video signal in live stream from Buenos Aires, Londres, Barcelona, Alicante + Webcasting of the event.Cyborg Architecture: the old station as a temporary autonomous area, but also as a robotical hangar or galactical shuttle. Ficction-Documentary-Narrative: the event will be part of the shooting of the film SEVILA2030 (première in April). Gonzo Architecture: the city as an scenery of videogames: tactical media, parasite... investigations being developed by wewearbuildings. Rave-hackmeeting: it's possible to unit-them? the hackers would like the hardcore to 200bpm? and the ravers, they will learn to programm? >from *PURE-DATA BetaRAVE : testing: helix - vj - wifi - multi live streams*, modern ruin: high speed train station : Cartuja : Deep Seville : Spain 18-01-2003 20:00-6:00

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ANSWER (Act Now to Stop War & End Racism) call' to say No to a war against Irak, with protest actions at january 18-19, 2003
> Arquitectura Gonzo / elmediA_tanK. 2001
> Urban Drift. transcultural platform for new tendencies in Architecture, Design and Urbanism

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