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tuesday :: march 16, 2004
ldnm: ladinamo

The only patrimony we've got until now, apart from collective intelligence and the relationships we've been able to activate during all these years is nothing but a bunch of questions and uncertainties, only some intuitions we want to communicate and share. LADINAMO is a laboratory, a space to propose and verify hypothesis. Until now is nothing but an exercise of interpelation, a reflexive experience which builds its own process as one walks, guessing what part ot the need and the wish of being able to be communicative, transparent and participative.

The sense which moves the project is the constitution of a public space in madrid, a channel for communication, criticism and productive cooperation. It's easy: the origin is in a political wish of exercising full citizenship from a group of young(and not so young) people who are living their precarious condition in a job market each time more unstructured and terrible, their willing to become subjects of the formulation, and not only formuled objects. Most of them went to the university or still are in it in different ways. They studied sociology, philosophy, computers, history... they're journalists, photographers, architects, musicians, actors and actresses, DJ'S... they're part of the new exploited mass, used to shitty jobs, unregularity, material uncertainty, they're objects of an unmaterial work which looks condemned to stand under continuous censorship, humiliations and blackmails; a castrated work power and obligated to be dutiful, without any other alternative than swallow to be able to keep on going. The most evident example are these people who come from the world of journalism and constitute an important part of LADINAMO magazine's project. They work for different media: some are scholars in 'El Pais' others work in CNN+ or write in 'La Razón'. They live the routine of a job as imposition to be able to pay the rent, eat or going to the cinema on friday. They know about censorship, frustrations, dutifulness. Precisely because of that, they see in LADINAMO the possibility to recover the sense of their activity, to express themselves, to disobey in the exercise of their occupation. Some of them have got more wishes than serve drinks on weekends at night clubs getting few money, or work as telephone parrots for telemarketing companies.

The organizative formula from which we part, the way we have found to structure the project is an open network formed by different creative collectives: the magazine, the editorial project, the theater company, the dance company, DJ colllectives, etc. Beside these initiatives which step by step modulate and shape themselves, there are two spaces for interaction and connection among the different collectives. One is the café we opened last september 11th 2003 in Mira Sol street in Madrid. A multifunctional space for the meeting and development of sorted activities and workshops. It's the physical window through which you can have a look at the project, and the touchable place to participate. Inside this project there's an public internet service available, based in Linux(opensource operative system). The other interactional space is the collective web (www.ladinamo.org), still in configuration progress. A telematic territory in the network of networks so that information, forums and experiences can flow. The virtual window through which to walk around all the spaces, propose and debate.

The intention of all these projects which step by step compose(and will compose) LADINAMO open network is to put in the center of the activity this issue that has become so important for us. The work about material dimension and constitution of a true metropolitan community, of an abnormal communitary experience which is not put aside anymore, but find its ways to get through the city and life. It has to be absolutely shared and communicative. It has to contaminate and get contaminated. It has to cooperate with other experiences and generate infrastuctures for politic and cultural intervention. [translated by victor garnier from neXus. thanxs!]

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