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The book ARQUITECTURAS COLECTIVAS/ COLLECTIVE ARCHITECTURES is dedicated to the Trucks, Containers, Collectives initiative, in which Santiago Cirugeda (Recetas Urbanas) involved dozens of collectives, stimulating the creation of the Arquitecturas Colectivas network. The book documents this experience through the adventures, projects and desires of the collectives, also launching various questions about the normalized production methods of the environment.

The experiences collected show that it is possible to produce, within the system and making use of it, social and economic contexts that confront it, question it and subvert it. Self-management, alegality and associationism are revealed as strategies and logistical aspects, together with the need to question the methods and conventional times of architecture and urban policies.


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Editora: Paula Álvarez. Autores: Santiago Cirugeda et all
Red de Arquitecturas Colectivas
Editorial Vibok