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WikiPlaza presents a practical and theoretical research in the field of social participatory construction of public space, mediated by information and communication technologies.

The work aims to condense the experiences of free software and hacker culture, and the social and independent media movements that emerged at the beginning of the 21st century. With the aim of advancing the production of "ecosophical machines". New technical and social systems, new mental ecologies as an alternative to the dominant neoliberalism. Systems, ideas and experiences that promote and stimulate emancipation, autonomy and common spaces.

The subtitle "Request for Comments" is our little tribute to the pioneers of the Internet. Wikiplaza project is a work in progress, open to anyone who wants to question it, use it or change it, or create new versions.


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Edited by Sergio Moreno Páez, José Pérez de Lama and Laura H. Andrade