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In the context of the workshops organized by ACVic, under the title of Collective Construction in the Social Space, the concepts on the limits of urban furniture are worked on. It is based on the premise that we can understand 'furniture' in as broad a sense as we are capable of, and that our ambitions regarding the city can take physical form in catalytic devices of civic life.

Transformation and temporality

Here are proposed five specific mobile devices: from guerrilla kitchens to media-tanks to small urban gardens. These devices can transform any corner in a matter of minutes in any event, in an ephemeral way, temporarily or in a more or less lasting way, in a party, a forum or a dining room.

In the workshops, an exercise was organized where creative practices and self-managed collective strategies were developed, which are articulated in a network and seek to influence social processes through alternative systems for citizenship.

In the same way that small mobile elements articulate and equip our homes or work stations, other 'furnitures' are used to equip and articulate the collective space/the public road.


The five mobile devices are: the Gastrotanker (portable kitchen), the Agrotanker, (mobile garden with aromatic plants for the use of the kitchen), the Mediatanker, (a technological support for communication and multimedia support), the Barratanker (furniture device for popular meals, meetings , etc.) and finally the Infotankers, as infopoint for the assembly of the 15M of Vic.

All of them were developed through garbage containers, altered and adapted according to different uses. The vast majority of the materials used were obtained through recycling.


April 2011
Workshop direction: David Juárez (straddle3) and Diego Peris (Todo por la praxis), with the collaboration of Santiago Cirugeda and Daniel Miracle
Carles Arumí, Bruna Dinarés, Centre Social Autogestionat La Torratxa, Acampada de Vic, TC Torelló, Deixalleria de Vic.
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