Installation, reconversion and conditioning of two containers within the scope of Jardines de Paula Montal, Eixample

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What kind of facilities are needed for a commons-oriented social life in the core of our cities?

The existence of the Resource Bank project at Jardines de Paula Montal is the indirect result of a combination of initiatives originally coming from the neighborhood platform Recreant Cruïlles and the driving group of the Mercat de Pagès de l'Esquerra de l'Eixample (EE).

Subsequently different people from these groups formed an association called Jardins d'Emma dedicated, among other things, to the promotion of urban horticulture.

This association is promoting different projects linked in the neighborhood. From here arises the demand for an own space dedicated to the promotion and monitoring of these projects, in addition to the need for storage space for tools and materials for these and other uses of public interest.

In 2017 the City Council of Barcelona receives a formal request that leads to its meterialization. In the design of the building, the program requested by the Jardines de Emma Association is considered, consisting of a meeting space and a warehouse, complemented to the outside with an appendix of facade in the form of exhibitor furniture and a sink.


The facades will be formed from the industrialized base of sandwich panel, to which a ventilated wooden façade is added, composed of OSB3 board and chestnut wood from the leftovers of the industry wood. The facades 'in front' will be protected with religa (tramex) practicable. The interior will be covered with varnished OSB3 board.The roof is formed by lacquered sheet sandwich panel with proper insulation.

May 2018
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