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UNBLACKBOX Exhibition at the Center Arts Santa Mónica

Red Zande articulated a framework deployed in an event with the participation of several collectives, creators and entities, around the conceptual epicenter of the process of "unblackboxing. A scenario to explore the question of power in relation to contemporary artistic practices and their institutional implications.The program was based on the production of 4 artistic projects that were presented as individual exhibitions, and with the activation of a set of mediation processes that proceeded in different directions.


Through a process of "unblackboxing" to the labyrinthic apparatus of Santa Mònica (the "descaixanegrització" hinted by Bruno Latour), Black Tulip was in charge of unveiling the interior operations of the institution, all those conditioning factors and infrastructural determinations that they often hide from the public.


The device proposed by Black Tulip modulates, at the same time, the entire Red Zande cycle: it is an architecture that inherits, recycles and reformulates components of the exhibition's past from the center, at a time that anticipates the uses that the artists will require. Mediating the public that participate throughout the year.


The infrastructure proposed by Black Tulip wants to reflect, therefore, the same space of the Santa Mònica Arts as a space of possibility, from which they are facilitated while determining a series of relationships between artistic processes and social relations.


Black Tulip is a shared mask to avoid the trap of identity and favor collaborative work. Renouncing the hierarchy of names and surnames, Black Tulip operates as an aggregate without protagonist parts.

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Roger Bernat, Black Tulip, Víctor García Tur, Hijos de Martín, Consol Llupià, Regina de Miguel, Objetologías, Gerard Ortín and Straddle3

Commissioned by Oriol Fontdevila.
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