Pilot Flat

Exhibition at the Cccb, Barcelona

A project that reflects on housing. The aim of the exhibition is to promote the debate and present a series of proposals that contribute to answering the most important problems facing both cities (Barcelona and Medellin), regarding the issue of housing and its relationship with public space. Some proposals that can be extrapolated to other cities in the world.


Straddle3 participates with a project that proposes: "How to set up a housing-workshop to share, with a budget of 300 euros/m2". A design and recycling strategy put to the test in interventions such as Nautarkia (Multipurpose housing unit, January 2008).

  • Exposition Piso Piloto © CCCB, La Fotogràfica, 2015

  • installation of Straddle3 in Exhibition Piso Piloto © CCCB, La Fotogràfica, 2015

  • Example of installation panel

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Curated by Guillen Augé, Josep Bohigas, David Bravo, Àlex Giménez, Nydia Gutiérrez and Anna Vergés