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friday :: november 14, 2003
challenges to evolution education

The opposition to evolution education in USA is a persistent problem for decades.

Sometimes State Boards changed educational requirements by diluting valid science education, and insert a particular theological view (ie Intelligent Design) into the public school curriculum (Science Standards). On November 1, 2003, a statement was released urging the Texas Board of Education to resist pressure on it to undermine the treatment of evolution in biology textbooks now under consideration...

In this context, Steven Weinberg, Nobel prize winner for electroweak theory, addressed their testimony to the Texas State Board of Education. "There's not one Nobel Laureate in biology who takes the view that there's any question about the validity of the theory of evolution through natural selection or that there is any alternative theory that's worth discussing. So by the same standards that are used in the courts, I think it is your responsibility to judge that it is the theory of evolution through natural selection that has won general scientific acceptance. And therefore, it should be presented to students as the consensus view of science, without any alternatives being presented," said Weinberg. >from *Physics Nobelist takes stand on evolution*. September 10. 2003

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National Center for Science Education. Defending the Teaching of Evolution in the Public Schools
> Kansas Citizens for Science. KCFS formation was triggered by the 1999 Kansas State Board of Education's decision to adopt public school science standards that removed key aspects of the theory of evolution as well as other critical concepts. The newly elected BOE of 2001 adopted revised science standards that re-emphasized the theory of evolution and restored the other concepts removed in 1999.
> Texas Citizens for Science. What Texas Schools Need is a Moment of Science!
> The Talk.Origins Archive. explore the creationism/evolution controversy from a mainstream scientific perspective.

was michelangelo buonarroti, by any chance, illustrating darwin's writings?

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