Mounting manual of a geodesic canopy

Do It Yourself (DIY) assembly manual for the construction of a geodesic dome with metal structure and PVC tarpaulin.

The structure proposal is a geodesic dome, according to one of the models of Buckminster Fuller, that will allow the assembly of a completely conditioned cabin in practically any place, both inside and outside, in less than a day. The geodesic dome is considered one of the most efficient structures in the mass/resistance ratio, which makes it ideal for ephemeral and transportable installations.

The mobile infrastructure is a circular space of about 10 meters in diameter and about 80 square meters that can be placed and relocated, and more or less open depending on the height at which its baseline is available and depending on the spaces adjacent to the that which it serves. It is fair to say that this infrastructure wants to be the first step towards a possible organic growth that can increase its dimensions and its number in a modular way.


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