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Fadaiat, conceived as an exchange platform and the Observatorio Tecnológico del Estrecho, has created an open space for connections and exchanges between creators, activists, programmers and thinkers linked to contemporary social movements. It has functioned since June 2004 as an experimentation laboratory and a space for debate between various networks and subjects from the territory of the Strait of Gibraltar, North Africa and southern Europe, which work on three areas of interconnected reflection and action:

1. New geographies (territory mediaQ).
2. Factory border (migration and work).
3. Technologies and communication (becoming cyborg).

This book is a constituent document of the initial phase of the Strait Technology Observatory project. A territory-mirror of the transformations of the contemporary world: globalization, migrations, borders, citizenship, society-network, communication, technologies …


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Helena García Rodríguez Jaume Nualart Joan Escofet Planas José Pérez de Lama Marta Paz Naveiro Mónica Lama Jiménez, http://pablodesoto.org/, Pilar Monsell Prado Sergio Moreno Páez
Sandro Mezzadra Roy Pullens, Helena Maleno Florian Schneider Brian holmes
Observatorio tecnológico del estrecho