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friday :: february 13, 2004
transpermia: space for the utopia

The theory of the Transpermia raises some prototypes for a new extraterrestrial life and by extension it proposes the improvement of our world. Transpermia is born as a result of the Ddal experiment, a set of micro-performances in zero gravity that were made during the spring of year 2003 in the City of Stars of the Russian Federation [ mir campaign 2003 ]. The later reflection to this microgravitational experience took to interest me, in addition to the lack of gravity, in the extraordinary machinery that supposes an extraterrestrial life.

Between the different ideas about the origin of the life, is the Panspermia. This theory proposes that comets or asteroids that hit in the Earth it makes 3,800 million years brought alive matter. If we accepted this hypothesis, we could say that this organic evolution that we called 'life' has taken million years, to return of where came, it is to say: the space. We can speak then of an inverse Panspermia is to say the Transpermia.

The space is radioactive, weightless and anaerobic. Therefore it is necessary to construct the foundations of an artificial device that embraces the ultraterrestrial life. The extraterrestrial life needs, in addition to alive beings, science and the technique, of the culture, for its existence and reproduction, in the space is not possible a natural life as we understand it in the Earth. On the Earth orbit artifice and nature are based, and is for me, the place where everything is imaginable, everything is possible, everything is about to to do. The space for the utopia is for my the Transpermia.

The Transpermia that I propose is by definition a hybrid, hybrid of nature and artifice, hybrid of instinct and reason. This doctrine, opened and in process, proposes a weave that it tries to include all the existence. The Transpermia impels and amalgamates a good part of findings that I have done in the last ten years with my work. These works based on prototypes such as robots, corporal interfaces and systemic software, have in the Transpermia a new frame of definition. The hypothesis of this Transpermia becomes effective from prototypes that I organize around four chapters: interface, robot, ephemeral identities and new forms of creation.

The interfaces understood like tools to extend the perception of the world and to increase its control. Robots seen as metaphor of the organic thing and in its last consequences as new forms of life: the Robogenics. The ephemeral identities conceived like new fields of experience, touching, rational and fantastic, these new forms of identity will have in addition new interfaces and robots of corporal transformations controlled thanks to chemistry and the biogenetics. New forms of creation, in an utopic society the creation manifest like the main human activity.

The transpermic utopia proposes a world that in their last consequences the work and the money no longer have sense. The transpermic existence is not based on the work, commerce and the industry. The new devices that this utopia proposes delegate the labor activity to biomechanic devices and ultrainterfaces that are in charge to do it. Therefore the main human occupation, goes towards the creative thing. The creation becomes the main task of the humans in the Artificial Transpermia.>from *transpermia by marcel-li antunez roca*. february, 2004

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transpermia: nocturnal operations

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