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tuesday :: february 10, 2004
playlist: relational art

'PLAYLIST' brings together artists whose raw material is not wood, the marble or the fabric, but the culture.

These artists who work by connecting between them films, artworks or books, produce routes among the signs, invent modes of storage of information, archive or remixage.

'PLAYLIST' is not an exposure which 'illustrates' a topic, but a variation around a principle of work (or let us say, of a mental structure) which one could indicate under the name of cultural navigation: the artist like search engine moving among the signs.

Instead of handling a raw material, these artists move thus in a world of objects right now in circulation. They choose, design, assemble.

Establishing their own work inside that of the others, they contribute to abolish the traditional distinction between production and consumption, creation and copy, readymade and original artwork: does the contemporary culture rest on a formal collectivism?

This art of the postproduction corresponds to the proliferating chaos of the global culture. *EXPOSITION PLAYLIST*. Palais de Tokyo (Paris). February 12 - April 25, 2004.

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palais de tokyo. site de création contemporaine.
> anne lacaton & jean philippe vassal. the architects behind the palais's new look. "they are characterized by their professional attitude which reveals a true ethics: to resist the invasion of the signs, to offer a space open to the appropriation until the obliteration of the intervention of the architect."
> nicolas bourriaud and karen moss. interviewed by stretcher. curators at the palais de tokyo in paris and at the san francisco art institute discuss the role of curators in contemporary art. february 25, 2003
> interview of miroslav kulchitsky with nicolas bourriaud. bourriaud formulated a new aesthetics for contemporary art. his theoretical leaning, summarized as 'relational art,' gives a new interpretation of the aesthetic object. the object is no longer materially or conceptually defined, but relationally. "what do relations eventually create? relations to the artistic work, institutions and so on? - context." art magazine boiler #1, 1999

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