Trinitat Vella inaugurates a new sports space, the cal·listenia TAT VELL

The Barcelona district of Trinitat Vella opened on Monday the sports space Cal·listènia Tat Vell, an outdoor project framed in the Pla de Barris of Trinitat Vella. Young people from the area participated in its definition, they were asking for long time a space like this in their neighbourhood. The space has been baptized as Tat Vell. Two of the elements have also been built in workshops with the youth of the neighborhood.

This intervention is part of a global project of the Camí del Rec. The project is based on a participatory process that establishes the bases and objectives to be formalized, as well as the general strategy and the priorities. The whole process is part of the municipal "Pla de Barris" (Neighborhood Plan).

The first phase of this project is the new sports space that allows you to start in the calisthenics, a training that works especially muscular groups.

It is a continuous circuit through which you can circulate freely and practice the most known exercises such as chin-ups, elbows, dips, sit-ups or abs, among others. All of them are basic exercises to start or start in the calisthenics and gradually improve the technique.
In short, a wide range of possibilities because citizens can practice sports for free, without leaving the neighborhood.

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