The construction of a new recreational area has begun and is continuing steadily in Pineda de Mar. It is an enclosure dedicated to the practice of extreme sports. It will be located on the Rambla de Catalunya, in an area of more than 3,500 square meters. The design of the new skatepark is the result of a participatory process of several sessions throughout different phases in which future users took part.

The design process started with two fixed preconditions. On the one hand, the proposal had to be inclusive for all citizens, so that the park would be recognized as a public space with landscaped areas and rest areas. On the other hand, a future urban development on the other side of the Riera de Pineda had to be taken into account, and the design of the park should not conflict with that scenario.


During four working sessions, the needs of the skaters were identified, a common framework was generated and the users were able to contribute their ideas and sketches, which were worked on and subjected to continuous evaluation by the participants.


Finally, has been reached to a consensual project, consisting of two distinct spaces: a clear street area and another with a small bowl. The final result presents a very clear longitudinal guideline as a result of the morphology of the plot. However, with the express wish of the users, the number and direction of the skating lines was favored and maximized. Finally, emphasis was placed on respecting the existing vegetation and reinforcing it with new species as a strategy to generate shade.


The actions planned during the process involve much more than the simple expansion and improvement of the sports facilities. It is an opportunity to create a pole of attraction that combines different sports uses, and at the same time generates an inclusive and quality public space, validated by a collaborative design process. After this challenging process, the results of the work are beginning to be seen today.

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