The participatory sessions of Rethinking municipal facilities have been held in Pontós

We have carried out a participatory process in Pontós, Girona. The program "Let's rethink the municipal facilities" has three basic objectives. To rethink the situation of the municipal facilities of Pontós from an urban (overall) and architectural (individual) point of view. To reflect on the problems of use, space and management of each of the facilities in question and to reach a consensus on common objectives. And to define the level of priority and the subsequent phases of action for all the facilities.

The process was developed during November and early December and focused on three participatory sessions. First of all, a tour of the village of Pontós was carried out with the local team and the external work team in order to complete the reconnaissance of the facilities to be worked on and to gather the first local impressions on the subject to be dealt with in the sessions.


After an introduction by the City Council team made up of Barbara Van Hoestenberghe (Mayor, areas of Governance, Participation, Culture and Relations), Maria Biescas Cañisá (Department of Communication and Environment) and Enric Escribà Nadal (architect), the seven facilities on which the process would be based were announced and the process began. The sessions, held weekly, dealt with the present and future state of the buildings of the town hall, the vicarage, the recreation center, the old schools, the social center, the bar and the warehouse, from the general approaches of uses, spaces and management.


Through the formation of discussion groups and the use of methodologies such as "world café", "snowball" or plenary sessions, it has been possible to clarify and establish the opinions of the members of the sessions regarding the future steps of action on the part of the City Council. At the same time, in order to make the process even more binding, priority levels have been agreed upon for each of the decisions taken.

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