Round table: Circular construction

We have been part of the Barcelona Architecture Week 2021 through participation in "Circular Construction", a round table designed to reflect on the ways of living in our future cities.

The program is organized by the Management of Urban Architecture and Heritage of the Barcelona City Council, in collaboration with the Chamber of Architects of Catalonia, presented by Marc Aureli Santos, and moderated by David Juarez. From Straddle3, the meeting was held with the participation of speakers such as: Yolanda Baixeras, from industrial recycling; Blanca Callén, sociologist and researcher; Santiago Cirugeda, architect and activist; Claudio Cattaneo, economist and decrescentist; Tiziano Schürch, architect and teacher; and Sara de Ubieta, with a view from art and design. Moreover, we were also accompanied by representatives of their respective fields such as: Gerardo Wadel, David Bravo, Sander Laudy and Alberto Flores.


The society is increasingly realizing that the consumption model we have been following for the last decades cannot be perpetuated if we want to avoid the destruction of our own health and the ecosystems we inhabit. We are constantly evolving species and we have needs that cannot always be met in the forms of often obsolete previous models. To address this situation and face the 2030 Agenda against climate change, the Barcelona City Council proposed a debate to imagine a progress not based on systemic destruction and permanent consumption. Could we be able to generate life strategies based on the recovery or transformation of what already exists, rather than on its destruction and new construction?

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