From the Escola Sert of COAC Catalunya, we have conducted a Modular Architecture Course applied to housing. Designed together with Gerardo Wadel from Societat Orgánica and #LaCasaporelTejado and Jon Begiristain from Eulia Arkitektura and

We are witnessing a moment of effervescence in the application of industrialization processes to housing construction. This course offers modularity as a means of optimizing housing construction processes and improving their performance, understood as economy, speed of execution, reversibility, adaptability to different requirements of both use and urban space. Special attention is also paid to the application of environmental sustainability criteria. The course focuses on practice, studying different examples that stand out for their architectural and environmental quality. It is expected, in the development of the whole module, to meet some specific objectives: to offer a state of the art in modular architecture, through concrete experiences and examples from different fields; to provide design tools oriented to this type of architecture, analyzing typological studies that address different contexts; to understand and compare the most common techniques, taking into account the characteristics of execution; and to apply ecological criteria to industrialized residential architecture, determining its forms of validation.

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