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1. what does the name "context" mean?
2. what is context weblog?
3. what is a weblog?
4. who is behind *context*?
5. what is the general layout of this site?
6. what are the main features of *context* site?
7. what basic principles guide this work-in-progress?
8. i still have more questions, who can i ask?


what does the name "context" mean?

parts of a discourse that surround a word or passage and can throw light on its *meaning* :: the *interrelated conditions* in which something exists or occurs : environment, setting



what is context weblog?

the disemination, use and social appropiation of new technologies are creating a new knowledge without premeditation. this emerging technological culture acts as a synthetizer of art, science and traditional knowledge, that in turn fuels the evolutionary change of our species.

*context* is a weblog to track this techno culture, provide profitable information about his innovative resources and help stay up to speed on developments related to it. a net wanderer and digest of news on art, science and technology, and particularly on their intersections; updated fortnightly.

the *context* project as a whole is a series of initiatives which aims to appropriate and disseminate the emerging culture as a new 'art de vivre.' this initiatives emerge from the core activity developed through context weblog.

*context* work with media independent encoding for content (based in interoperability new standards), to provide materials for book and e-book, media and new media, hybrid spaces and events. so *context* is also an open platform for partnerships in content creation -- with media, book and cultural related, public and private, companies and organisations --, and for related activities.



what is a weblog?

weblog (sometimes called a blog or a newspage or a filter) is a format -dated log format- and content -"log of our times"- approach for a web site. (*what is...weblog -a definition-*)

a weblog is a webpage where a weblogger (sometimes called a blogger, or a pre-surfer) 'logs' all the other webpages he finds interesting. The format is normally to add the newest entry at the top of the page, so that repeat visitors can catch up by simply reading down the page until they reach a link they saw on their last visit. (*faq weblog resources*)

attempt to organise what i find on the internet
. gradually more and more weblogs appeared, each addressing a different audience, but each sharing the same ideals: to lower the volume of noise on the internet. each weblog owner picks and chooses the best from the vast sea of information and presents it as best they can. (*about internet alchemy*)



who is behind *context*?

context, concept and implementation,
is a contribution of content creator
josep saldaña cavallé

the design and technical maintenance of this service,
and related works in content packaging,
are a contribution of s t r a d d l e 3

the sonic landscape is a contribution of x - f l o w

project members share the common desire to make a positive contribution to the developmental process of the Internet as a form of open and peer-to-peer media.



what is the general layout of this site?

all pages use a consistent navigation structure. at the top and at the bottom of each page, you found the site navigation bar -- adapted to each page --.

the site navigation bar include buttons that link to:

- *about context* page includes the project description and the frequently asked questions (faq) related with this site -- the current page --.

- *archive+search* page. include a search engine (google) with options to find in the entire web or only between the documents archived in context weblog. this page has also links to the archived pages on art -for art-, sci -for science-, tech -for technology-, and int -for intersections-. each one of this options have their own identifier icon and sound and link to the archived page that stores headlines on their respective theme, ordered by date. in turn, from each headline you can access the page with the full article

- *lang* (for language) link from current english page to the same page of context weblog translated in spanish -- when available --.



what are the main features of *context* site?

- provide together information on art, science, technology and their intersections
- a digest approach that avoid the information overload on this topics
- news digest track the emergence of a new cultural context
- information is always linked to the original source of news
- the news contains links to reference resources on related topics
- gather the flow of news on their subjects
- include search engine and resources to explore the net
- is a multilingual informative resource (now in english -and spanish-)
- is a free community service



what basic principles guide this work-in-progress?

- site that everyone can access
to contribute to the universality of the web (support to the *W3C Web Accessibility Initiative*, validated with *Bobby test*).

- viewable with any browser
for a platform independent, non-browser specific www (support to *Web Standards Project*, and the *Viewable With Any Browser campaign*>).

- multilingual site
the same content is available in different language versions
(support to the web standards for internationalization; the goal is supporting HTML documents in practically every language, every alphabet).

- involved in shaping the network society
(support to the *Seattle Statement* and their conclusion, "Active, informed citizen participation is the key to shaping the network society. A new "Public Sphere" is required.").

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i still have more questions, who can i ask?

please, write an e-mail message to context(at)straddle3.net


write your mail and will send you the updates


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     "active, informed citizen participation is the key to shaping the network society. a new "public sphere" is required." seattle statement
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