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sept. 26-30, 2000 |
copy.cult and the original si(g)n

An invitation to participate in a week of lectures, discussions and alternative scenarios regarding the subject of Copyright.
 Copy.Cult is write using letters and symbols of famous trademarks, like Coca-Cola, Apple and Nike.
"New licenses appear, like the GPL or recently the Licence Art Libre, manifestos are published, and new logos ("no copyright", "copyleft"...) sprinkle CD covers and webpages." The association Constant debate on the future of the culture of the copy.

Constant , Association for Arts and Media, "is a Brussels association founded in 1997 with the objective of promoting, to the public and among artists, creative and/or critical works using new media in dialogue with other forms of expression (...) offers artists a network which provides technical and financial support (...) is an independent platform. This permits it to associate equally with existing institutions and alternative groups, journalists and critics."

Fundamental changes in copyright handling and author remuneration cames from software specialists that developed the movement of free software and open source. Two significant references: copyleft concept and free art license.

"Copyleft contains the normal copyright statement, asserting ownership and identification of the author. However, it then gives away some of the other rights implicit in the normal copyright: it says that not only are you free to redistribute this work, but you are also free to change the work. However, you cannot claim to have written the original work, nor can you claim that these changes were created by someone else. Finally, all derivative works must also be placed under these terms (...) In essence, the idea of copyleft is basic to the natural propagation of digital information among humans in a society. This is why the regular notion of copyright does not make sense in the context of cyberia (...) any work of any nature that can be copyrighted can be copylefted with the GNU GPL." Applying Copyleft To Non-Software Information by Michael Stutz

"This license can be applied to digital artworks as well as to non digital ones. It was born out of the observation of the world of the free software and the Internet, but its applicability is not limited to the digital supports. You can put a painting, a novel, a sculpture, a drawing, a music, a poem, an installation, a video, a film, a cooking recipy, a CD-Rom, a Web site, a performance, in short all creations which can be claimed of a certain art. This license has a history: it was born at the meeting " Copyleft Attitude" which took place at "Accès Local" and "Public" in Paris at the beginning of the year 2000. For the first time, it gathered together software specialists and actors of free software with contemporary artists and people from the art world." Free Art license
Copy.Cult and the original si(g)n

:: references
Constant, Association for Arts and Media
International Protection of Copyright and Neighboring Rights
Applying Copyleft To Non-Software Information by Michael Stutz
Free Art license
Copyleft Attitude

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Copy.Cult logo
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