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monday :: october 21, 2002
> 1 cubic millimeter patterns
tiny atomic battery
:: power supply

While electronic circuits and nanomachines grow ever smaller, batteries to power them remain huge by comparison, as well as short-lived. But now Cornell University researchers have built a microscopic device that could supply power for decades to remote sensors or implantable medical devices by drawing energy from a radioactive isotope. The device converts the energy stored in the radioactive material directly into motion. It could directly move the parts of a tiny machine or could generate electricity in a form more useful for many circuits than has been possible with earlier devices.

The prototype is the first MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems) version of a larger device. Amil Lal, Hui Li and Hang Guo are now building and testing practical sensors and power supplies based on the concept. The prototype shown in August was gigantic by comparison with the latest versions. An entire device, including a vacuum enclosure, could be made to fit in less than one cubic millimeter. >from *Tiny atomic battery developed at Cornell could run for decades unattended, powering sensors or machines*

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