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About Information Arts book by Stephen Wilson, from Leonardo book series published by MIT Press. Panorama of contemporary aesthetic practices based on mutual influences of art, science, and technology. Resource in the reexamination of the relationship between research and art.

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> research as a cultural activity
> reviews
> research-driven artists in *context


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art, science, technology, research, culture, steve wilson
shawn brixey, kitsou dubois, eduardo kac


january 15, 2002


> press release

>research as a cultural activity

"This has been research's century. Our lives have been radically changed by the results of scientific inquiry and technological innovation. From play to work, our lives have been filled with new gadgets and shaped by new understandings. Even more, research has changed basic concepts about the origins of the universe, the nature of life, time, space, and humanity. We have not yet reaped research's full promise... Research is so profound in its implications for life and thought that it cannot be left to scientists alone. Science and technology must enter into the heart of general discourse and understanding.

Research agendas can determine the flow of the future. For example, researchers working on ideas such as ubiquitous computing (making objects intelligent and aware of their surroundings) are working on more than just new products. They are transforming the primordial relationship of humans to inanimate objects. The way that research unfolds will become a crucial part of our cultural heritage...

The participation of individuals coming from the diverse perspectives of disciplines outside the sciences (such as arts, humanities, and social sciences) could help to insure that the widest range of ideas get pursued. Some may suggest that there already is wide participation via citizen review committees or academic critiques of research. I mean something more fundamental and proactive -- practitioners from many fields actually participating in the inquiries, determining their own research goals and undertaking their own studies. There are signs it is already beginning to happen... There are challenges to this kind of research... If the challenges can be overcome, the rewards are great. Our culture will be enriched by new lines of inquiry opened. And researchers will be rewarded by a new kind of public support and understanding that will replace the current mystification, hostility and distrust."
*Research as a Cultural Activity By Stephen Wilson*


"While art and science have been intertwined for centuries, it looks like it's going to be a while before artists and scientists collaborate on an equal footing... cross-fertilization between science and the arts does not cut both ways... "Science and technology have always had a great deal of influence on the arts, but the arts have not had much influence on science and technology. It's disappointing," Wilson said. Although certain technology research centers, such as Xerox PARC in Palo Alto, have had an artist-in-residence on their team, few commercial organizations are willing to sponsor arts-based research. Microsoft may have sponsored Wilson's book launch, but Dan'l Lewin, the Microsoft executive who hosted the event, said that the company has no immediate plans to hire artists for its research center. "This event is really just about community support."
*Corner of Art Place and Tech Lane By Chloe Veltman*.
Wired, december 4, 2001

"Stephen Wilson in his new book, "Information Arts" takes us on an extraordinary tour of the ever widening landscape of art practice today. The book is not only a compendium of a great range of artists works but an equally compelling inquiry into the very role of the artist and the context in which art is produced... Stephen Wilson who has worked as an artist and researcher for the past twenty years presents his book as a resource in the reexamination of the relationship between research and art, between science and art.... Cultural critics need to open a space of understanding to read the sciences as a domain proper for the arts. And the sciences need understand the enormous value artists can bring to the sciences.... He argues the necessity and pleasure of including techno-scientific research in a definition of art. He has given us an invaluable book presenting such work and an invitation to engage such dialogue."
*Stephen Wilson's Information Arts Book Review By Marc Lafia*.
Rhizome, january 6, 2002.

>research-driven artists in *context

> Shawn Brixey eon project. material poetry by shawn brixey. january 2, 2002

> Kitsou Dubois gravity zero, dance project. october, 2000

> Eduardo Kac transgenic artwork gfp bunny. february, 2000

> Intersections of Art, Technology, Science & Culture Links
compiled by Stephen Wilson

Information Arts Book Description
info arts book   

Research as a Cultural Activity By Stephen Wilson

Corner of Art Place and Tech Lane By Chloe Veltman
Wired, december4, 2001

Book Review By Marc Lafia
Rhizome, january 6, 2002


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