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january 30, 2001 ::

diy [do it yourself]

international media art festival


transmediale background

This is an annual festival held since 1997 in the Podewil - Center for Contemporary Arts - in Berlin, parallel to the celebration of *Berlinale* international film festival. So this festival was firstly oriented toward experimental film and video, but also including interactive media. Is member of the *European Coordination of Film Festivals E.E.I.G.*

Hosted by Berliner Kulturveranstaltungs-GmbH. Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfond, Berlin Senate, European Commission - Media II and Sponsors.



software as a motor of cultural innovation

The transmediale.01 includes this year a two-day conference (8-9 February) about the DIY theme, focusing on Software and Net-based Forms of Distribution and Participation. On both days there will be a live-stream online.

The debate is posed in this terms: "Does software serve a merely instrumental function, or does it offer new and creative cultural perspectives? Is computer code a genuine artistic material like paint or digital images?"

natural language processor


net distribution and participation

"What does current Internet-based art production look like? What new artistic formats have emerged and which of these are appropriate for net distribution? Do niches or functioning models exist that make the production of artistic content profitable? Who are the actual 'users' or, more accurately, 'benificiaries' of such models - i.e. who earns money through the content produced by the creative workers? How significant are notions like 'author' and 'copyright' in the digital age? Do new distribution channels automatically stimulate cultural diversity?"


1994 ¥ 7'x3'x3' Microcontroller, steel, robotic mechanisms

software art

"The definition that has been suggested for Software Art is that it incorporates projects in which self-written algorithmic computer software (stand alone programmes or script-based applications) is not merely a functional tool, but is itself an artistic creation."

For the first time, transmediale organised an award for software art that "recognises the artistic work done by hybrid artist-programmers who are neither 'interactive media artists' or 'net artists', but whose aesthetic material is code and whose expressive form is software programming."

Nominated projects:
*DJ I Robot* by Chris Csikszentmihalyi
*Audiovisual Environment Suite* by Golan Levin
*Nebula.M81* by Netochka Nezvanova
*Ultima Ratio* by Daniela Plewe
*Vexation 1* by Antoine Schmitt
*Auto-Illustrator* by Adrian Ward/Signwave


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transmediale site

:: references
Berlinale international film festival
European Coordination of Film Festivals E.E.I.G.
DJ I Robot
Audiovisual Environment Suite by Golan Levin
Nebula.M81 by Netochka Nezvanova
Ultima Ratio by Daniela Plewe
Vexation 1 by Antoine Schmitt
Auto-Illustrator by Adrian Ward/Signwave

:: grafik
character input :: animated bg
character Input reconstruction, displayed at ISEA '97
natural language processor
1994 7'x3'x3' Microcontroller, steel, robotic mechanisms


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