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various images
from 2000-2005 google image research

&nbsp parabole*

&nbsp [ non-breaking space ] is a special character used in Hypertext Markup Language which prevents line breaks from occurring at a particular point in an HTML document. non-breaking spaces are cumulative, that is, all non-breaking spaces are rendered and also count as real content.

that said, address the eye and face a fictive illustration in the form of a brief narrative, a story build to illustrate, to explore a concept to convey action. it departs from the world of sense-experience moving toward rumination [a calm lengthy intent consideration]. the 'post' encodes the legitimacy of a movement back and forth from hidden to open meaning as a semantic inversion in search for multiplicity of sense. not to move toward the certainty of fact but toward tenacity of belief. in favor for adaptation or adjustment of parts to each other, as of a broken bone or dislocated joint. coaptation.

involve a character in a grasped narrative inserted in a space of flows. the other speaks in public ... outside the immediate context: 'everything is in a constant process of transformation, you are a verb'.


s3 :[ grafik + txt ] cutup

thanks to quaderns for proposing this image
for the spring number 2005


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