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electricity for all
hunt mobile aero squadron unit
land monitor
design for basket racks for rail road
american dazzle camouflage cutout
electric telegraph wire joint
bridge drawing plans
heinrich göbel first light bulbs
detail of bracket lamp


the reality that man finds as a whole is not neutral. the imagination walking by itself is the sad luxury born of the abandonment - like so many others. the hope as bridge marks the way indicating the other shore. hope: unsizeble bridge between passivity, by extreme that it might be, and action; between indifference, contiguous with the annihilation of the human person, and the total update of its purpose. a bridge that crosses the current of time

the bridge has arcs also called eyes. arcs that maintain and let pass. open architecture. eyes not because they see, but because they let see. the bridge is a path; in addition joins paths that otherwise would not lead but to an abyss or an impassable place. a bridge is the paradigm, the best example of which is a path; quiet and extended, it has something of wings that open

bridge, junction, connection, joint; to unite, to install by the joints. resistance joint. to bind or combine plans, ideas, actions. transit that transmits, offers; collaboration and food, the very act of life

the firmament, the familiar horizon, the city and the place inhabited are only mediating. the house and the objects estimated as precious, everything what ignites, until the rage of the immediate father if does not exceed in his authority, if it does not squash occupying all space of life; the house, everything burns as the hearth, symbol of the center of one's affections, is mediating if it does not impede us to breathe and to move. and it will be more when it allows the circulation.



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thanks to María Zambrano
for the space that builds between her words