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[imago]: street signs and stencils + petroglyphs
+ graphs + teotihuacan masks and puppets

glyph dwellers*

of greek origin *glypho means 'i engrave, record, sculpt'. glyphs are graphical manifestations that, throughout history, take place as prints, traces elaborated by signs, expression of life itself; symbolic writing that speaks to us of a world conception, their culture and its rituals; they report of ceremonies, they point out ways and they speak graphically of us as pedestrians.

we dwell image projects, we explode and re-construct them. they provide us an imaginary and symbolic graphical knowledge, our own presence. we develop maps, writings and figures of things we have and that we see in our everyday life and want to alter for the better. we write with images to decipher a hidden and blind language. visual and tactile codes inside a graph paradigm: the network.

conscience of one self, function of the organized matter that turns out against its constructor, vain never-ending investigation. nature can not be resolved in conscience, nor life can surprise the last writing of itself.

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