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context series 2002 :: mapping new cultural context
> science commons
building a free flow of knowledge

   march 15, 2002


*context weblog <> publish third issue of context series. The subject is "Science Commons" that refers to some significant developments related with the free flow of knowledge in the shared on-line environment.

"Today, whilst unprecedented advances in the sciences are foreseen, there is need for a vigorous and informed democratic debate on the production and use of scientific knowledge... The information and communication revolution offers new and more effective means of exchanging scientific knowledge and advancing education and research... The use of information and communication technology, particularly through networking, is to be expanded as a means to promote the free flow of knowledge. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the use of these technologies does not lead to a denial or restriction of the richness of the various cultures and means of expression," explains the Declaration on science and the use of scientific knowledge, adopted in the World Conference on Science, jointly organized by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) and the International Council for Science (ICSU). >from *Science for the Twenty-first Century: a New Commitment*, july 1, 1999.

This free flow of knowledge can be found in the Internet. A new model for scientific production, publishing and access emerge in the new environment of the networked society. But the shared on-line environment, "like our physical environment, constitutes a global commons, with similar imperatives for stewardship and preservation." And, in this terrain, the choice we face, and science in particular, is not between progress and the status quo, it is between progress and a new Dark Ages. Information should be kept free.

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science commons



> about context series

the world emerge as a new territory constantly reconfiguring itself. A discovery journey is needed. At context weblog we do this journey by processing the flow of information --sampling, mapping and experiencing the new territory, the emerging digital culture. Almost daily we take and publish "samples" in a blog (or weblog) and monthly we take a look to new cartographies, to the digital mapmaking of reality.

The map isn't the territory, as the model isn't reality. The map is a referential structure; inside a coordinate system all can be referenced laying the gridwork for reality. We choose the coordinate system of internet references for our "mapping" activities. The *context series <> section of context weblog have this mapping function. By spring 2003, we will pack the 2002 context series as a physical exhibition with their book-catalogue offering a wide mapping on emerging culture.

The first series was devoted to 'Information Arts. Intersections of Art, Science and Technology' book by Stephen Wilson, a key contribution to the mapping of art in our contemporary context, focusing on the revolutionary work of artists and theorists who challenge the separations of art and science initiated in the Renaissance. The second issue of context series was devoted to "Aesthetic Computing" that refers to the search for a new development of representation and notation, the exploration on the use of artistic methods and processes within common representations found in computing.

> about context weblog

an online publication of the *context project <>, which aims to appropriate and disseminate the emerging culture as a new 'art de vivre' the planetary civilization that technology is creating. The 'zero ground' current situation highlights the need of this kind of public observatory, this research and development project, this innovative publishing model that contribute to be ready for the coming context, for the next cycle; "the tech revolution is about to get rebooted."

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     "active, informed citizen participation is the key to shaping the network society. a new "public sphere" is required." seattle statement
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