life-conditioning: jatorri irekiko arkitektura

donostia - 20, 21, 27 y 28 abril, 2004

life-coditioning: jatorri irekiko arkitektura [arquitectura hacia un código abierto] se propone observar / describir / autopresentar / interactuar con un conjunto de iniciativas que quieren 'volver' la arquitectura al usuario y por tanto intervienen en el lenguaje y la expresión al actuar / operar / raptar / subvertir el espacio e imaginario mayoritario.

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"as the even availability network of invisible services increases in both intensity and content, (credit cards and communication satellites) the residual activities requiring physical location, hardware and acces become more particular or 'to taste' ... thus the consciously planned and purposely build environment that exploits the potential and uneveness of enviromental conditioning is likely to become one of the main contributions that architects and plannners can make to society ... [they] must exercise all its expertise, on being asked for artefactual conditioning, on the relevance of or the necessity for doing anything at all"
   [cedric price - life-conditioning, 1966]