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[imago]: miniatures from the topkapi museum


a *mirage is an optical phenomenon due to the reflection of light in which the distant objects give an invested image, either below the ground, or at the top of the atmosphere. mirage and looking-glass. same thing? unbearable space of reflections. not fit to live in

but a glass is not a looking-glass, nor a mirror; we use it to see what inhabits the other side, we break it to cross its shade. carved by the other side, a mirror is no longer a mirror and it becomes a *crystal. from the reflection to the other. where is our companion? thoughts from the outside, forms of absence without face: root without ground

in Don Durito de La Lacandona's words, 'a cruel game of mirrors lives this city, but the game of mirrors is useless and sterile if there is no crystal to break. we just need to understand it and, as someone who i do not remember said, to fight and to begin to be happy...'

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