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monday :: november 18, 2002
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mirror matter in the solar system?
:: dark matter candidate

Mirror matter is an entirely new form of matter predicted to exist if mirror symmetry is a fundamental symmetry of nature. Mirror matter has the right broad properties to explain the inferred dark matter of the Universe and might also be responsible for a variety of other puzzles in particle physics, astrophysics, meteoritics and planetary science.

The mysterious blue 'ponds' and the dearth of small craters found on the asteroid Eros by the NEAR-Shoemaker spacecraft can be explained by the mirror matter space-body hypothesis, according to Robert Foot and Saibal Mitra.

Mirror matter is a candidate for the mysterious dark matter inferred to exist in galaxies. Some amount of mirror matter should exist in our solar system, perhaps not enough to form a large body like a planet, but enough to form small asteroid-sized space-bodies. Indeed the total mass of asteroids in the asteroid belt is estimated to be only about 0.05% of the mass of the Earth. A similar number, or even greater number of mirror bodies, perhaps orbiting in a different plane or even spherically distributed like the Oort cloud is a fascinating possibility.

An even more remarkable possibility is that the comets themselves are the mirror matter space-bodies! Observations by spacecraft have found that the cores of comets appear to be composed of extremely dark material. Could this dark material be the dark matter? >from *Mirror matter in the solar system: New evidence for mirror matter from Eros by Robert Foot and Saibal Mitra* , November 4, 2002 and *Mirror matter footprint on Eros?*

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