technology   -as language- comes from the aim of survival.   
      technical development is inevitably accompanied by loss.   
      technology  helps to fill, to bridge ...
    ... to overcome the insufficiency emerging from absence
the media are not only masks mappings models depicting or simulating reality but also 
measuring chains constructing reality   
the observation of the world is only possible from the inside
    by overcoming or shutting off the negative horizon of absence  
      the technical media become technologies of care and presence 
    by visualizing the absent, making it symbolically present  
      the media also transform the damaging concequences of absence into pleasant ones
    while overcoming distance and time  
      the media also help us overcome the fear with which these inspire the psyche 
a mad acces to the world  
    the media heals - s y m b o l i c   t r i u m p h ? ? ? - the effects of the withdrawal from existance  
    raising and complicating the symbolic presence
 ................................................which 'images' are reproduced by the new technologies ?
in an interactive media, the work is realized/produced under the influence of the observer
the interactive work has no stable material form
it changes continually
the relation between the components -crafting image,words and sound- is continously shifting
      what began with perspective _the relativization of the world by the location of the observer_
        has become generalized in this electronic time
      the world becomes 'observer-objective'  
      the electronic world tends to become a mere interface between inner observer and objects
      and as intersection between observer and objects
      the technical world increasingly becomes the subject of artificial manipulations
let us put the real effect of the media in overcoming the mental disturbances caused by distance and time,   
  fears, control mechanisms, castration complexes ...
by all forms of absence, leave, separation, dissapearance, interruption, withdrawal or loss
fragmentation of modern life
    the house, the 'oikos', the domus, the home,  
    they have never been a place of security and intimacy  
    the house of antiquity was not a place of rustic comfort, but on the contrary  
    a place for alienation and the stake of tragedy  
    intimacy is something we project on "home"  
    we do not dwell and never did  
    therefore our nostalgia is a side-effect of our constant nomadizing in the big city  
    of our transit ports, our transfer traffic, our constant leaving and travelling on  
    we are doomed to an exile in the cosmos  
    an exile which reduces earth to a mere spaceship and matter to the carrier of inmaterial information
 straddle3  plus some cut_up's from peter weibel 'new space in the electronic age' and the V2 manifesto for unstable media '
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