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man looking the mirror
acoustic suspension loudspeaker
+ other loudspeakers experimental enclosures
color and black and white control patches



in a signal processing system or device, *distortion is any departure between the input and output, the shifting of the significant instants of the signal pulses from their proper positions relative to the beginning of the start pulse.

to design consciously is to accept that the distortion of time, place, interval and speed is a worthwhile activity in artefactual terms. if it achives none of these it is unlikely to to be more than the elaboration of the status quo.

so distortion has to do with uncertainty, replacement and the range of choice, so our educational sprain [a little more than a method of distorting the individual's mental and behavioural life-span to enable him/her to benefit from existing social and economic patterning] faces us with the need of an emancipatory tool by which previous social structures could be distorted again by query.



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from cedric price 'the square book'