crafting experience
to re-think the task of making language visible
every interruption of everyday life must also be a stetic work
'the virtual site' is parallel to the 'physical' .   
it is not a reproduction,   
nor a catalog,   
but a place where to re_create ...develop ...generate ...transform  
    look, think and re_create a mere interface between inner observer and object,   
    to increasingly become the subject of artificial manipulations  
      generated by the imaginary mind of the observer; 
    as the carrier of inmaterial information,  
    its desire, its dream,    is to rase and complicate the symbolic presence of light in front of our eyes
it's start out comes from the structure of how the 'physical' site works,   
as a first step in a starway that leads nowhere  
    proposals that we build directly as a structure as a starting point,  
    so either for themselves or adjacently might generate new signs for occupancy reflections and contaminations from the real to the virtual,   
    two places that are in constant love/hate relation 
weaving the power of computation into the human momentum of life
we seek for a state of confusion   
it helps to clarify the dirtect relationship between what is there -light-   
and what is inside the mind at the exact moment you are in front of the screen  
    'only the capacity of being susceptible to that which presents itself to thought   
    without the thinking being prepared for it,   
    deserves to be called thinking'      j.f.l. 
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