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june, 2000 |
new modem standards

V.90 and V.44 were developed as a response to features contained in broadband technologies, such as high data rates and "always on" functionality. V.92 modem standard new features: - Modem-on-hold allows the modem and the server to enter a sleep mode, restoring the data without the need to redial the server. A dialog box will likely pop up on a user's PC screen, alerting of the call. - Quick Connect will allow the time needed to negotiate a connection between a modem and a server to be reduced, since the modem will "learn" the capabilities of the home phone line and its maximum transmission rates. - Upstream data transmission rate will be improved. Current data rates are about 28.8-Kbps; the new standard will be able to improve upstream connection rates to about 40-Kbps, dependent upon line conditions. A complementary data compression standard, V.44, allow data to be compressed and fed downstream to a PC. Optimized for HTML coding. The essential data throughput, with compression, is estimated to be over 300-Kbps, about double that of the standard V.42bis protocol.
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