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may 9, 2000 |
internet first immersive movie

Be Here, provider of *360-degree Internet video technology* , AtomFilms, next-generation entertainment company, and Intel, today announced the premiere showing of *"The New Arrival"* , the first 360-degree narrative movie, at Cannes Film Festival and on *the AtomFilms Web site* .

Be Here's iVideo delivers live and recorded streaming 360-degree Internet video, making good on the promise of interactive viewing by enabling viewers to "look around" at an event at will -just as if they were at the event itself. Viewers' control personalized 360-degree camera angles independent of other viewers to gain an impactful, "be here" experience.

"The New Arrival" will be the first inmersive movie offer to public with the use of Intel Streaming Video technology, integrated in RealNetwork's RealSystem G2. "Creating the first immersive narrative movie was a fascinating challenge.

The 360-degree concept explodes everything you've ever learned about moviemaking and calls for new rules, new grammar and, most excitingly, a new kind of storytelling. For those of us who are the first to play with this technology, we will be defining those rules and expanding beyond traditional boundaries," said *Amy Talkington* , writer and director of this short movie.
Be Here, Atomfilms And Intel Unveil The World's First 360-Degree Narrative Movie At Cannes Film Festival
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