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> sergi saldaña massó -- bcn, 1977 --


Music is alive, going from one extreme to another. Each sound of our cotidian things can be used to create, to reorder noise and turn it to an expression of feelings. X-flow is a project with no rules, that means no dependence of structures, non lineal construction, is more a deconstruction of my feels. Mind has no inner rules. With X-flow I try to create sound landscapes. I assume that music is not just songs... So I also create cuts to be used as interchangeable loops. X-flow is a kind of searching.

:: music creator
. projects under development:
-- *x-flow* > *gob of spit* > amesh > scrawl
. guitarist, bass guitarist and sound experimentation
. sonic landscape for context weblog
-- version 1.0 under development --

:: sound technician
. studio recording

:: multimedia technician
. interactive projects -- cd-rom and internet --
. works of dorling kindersley, zeta multimedia, enciclopédia catalana...
. using director, photoshop, debabelizer, soundedit, quark

:: media freelance
. localization -- english > spanish --
. writer -- 'el mac' magazine --
. photographer -- dvd magazine, cd max, minami 2000, dokan --