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september 4, 2000 |
prix ars electronica 2000

The Prix Ars Electronica 2000 enters its 14th edition with 1,800 entries from 59 countries, thus presenting itself once again as the representative international show of achievements in art, research and entertainment in the digital age.

Particularly at a time when the digital media are being taken over more and more by start-ups and e-business, the Prix Ars Electronica has an important role with its position and focus. The intention of the Prix Ars Electronica since its inception in 1987 has been to provide an internationally recognized platform for bringing together visionary ideas and alternative approaches to digital media outside the realm of industrial norms.

As an internationally renowned prize for cyberarts, the Prix Ars Electronica 2000 is one of the centerpieces of the Ars Electronica Festival. The annual competition conducted by the ORF-Austrian National Broadcasting Company's Upper Austria Regional Studio is a forum for artists and scientists who employ the computer not just as a tool but as an all-encompassing medium with which they are able to deal both creatively and competently.

Winners of Prix Ars Electronica 2000:

- .net:

    Golden Nica to the science fiction author Neal Stephensen as a visionary of the Internet, whose novels "Diamond Age", "Snow Crash" and especially most recently "Cryptonomicon" have not only prophesied decisive future developments, but also incited them.
    Awards of Distinction to *TeleZone* and to Sharon Denning for *"The Exquisite Corpse"* Plus 12 *Honorary Mentions .net*

- Interactive Art:

    Golden Nica is awarded to Rafael Lozano-Hemmer for his Internet-controlled light installation *"Vectorial Elevation, Relational Architecture #4."* 800,000 people choreographed a ballet of light in the sky with an array of searchlights over the largest square in Mexico over a period of two weeks.
    Awards of Distinction to Golan Levin for "Audiovisual Environment Suite" and to The Institute for Applied Autonomy for "GraffitiWriter"
    Special Award from the Jury for Interactive Art to *"RoboCup"*
    Plus 12 *Honorary Mentions Interactive Art*

- Computer Animation/Visual Effects:

    Golden Nica for Computer Animation is awarded to artist Jakub Pistecky for "Maly Milos", "Little Milosh" - a charming short film that integrates the tradition of Czech animation in a 3D computer animation.
   Awards of Distinction Computer Animation to John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, Ash Brannon/ PIXAR Studios for "Toy Story 2" and Yasuo Ohba for "Zen"
   Golden Nica for Visual Effects is awarded to the filmmaker Christian Volckman for "Maaz", a film, in which floating between reality and irreality is visualized in striking images and real figures are integrated into a constantly changing digital background.
    Awards of Distinction Visual Effects to Markus Degen for Disembodies" and Pierre Buffin, BUF Compagnie for "Fight Club" Plus 12 *Honorary Mentions Computer Animation and Visual Effects*

- Digital Musics:

     Golden Nica for Digital Musics goes to the artist and designer Carsten Nicolai for his CD-Edition "20' to 2000". This futuristically designed CD Edition unites 12 works from leading musicians in an extraordinary millennium project.
    Awards of Distinction to Chris Watson for "Outside The Circle of Fire" and to GESCOM/Rob Brown, Sean Booth, Russell Haswell for "MiniDisc" Plus 12 *Honorary Mentions Digital Musics*
- cybergeneration - u19 freestyle computing:
    Golden Nica goes to Verena Riedl, Michaela Hermann and the project group Harvey. It is intended to be a reading aid for people who cannot read, because of blindness or other reasons. Since the school computer did not have a sound card at that time, the two girls - then age 14 - built their own sound card - but in quite a unique way...
    Awards of Distinction for *"Cybervoting"* and for *"Netdump"*
    Plus 12 *Honorary Mentions u19 freestyle computing*
img Vectorial elevation interactive artwork image
Prix Ars Electronica 2000

:: image
Vectorial elevation. Interactive artwork designed to transform the Zócalo square in Mexico City. Web site allowed to control eighteen robotic searchlights that were placed around the plaza. Using a 3D interface you designed a light sculpture that covered the National Palace, City Hall, the Cathedral and the Templo Mayor Aztec ruins. Three webcams allowed to see the designs in real time.
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