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june - october 2000 |
7th International Architecture Exhibition

La Biennale di Venezia 2000 central theme is *Città: Less Aesthetics, More Ethics* .

Will be the last international architecture exhibition of the second millennium and will explore the issues of man and society at the dawn of the third millennium. The theme is fundamental to the present debate on the new social and urban context and architects' commitment as intellectuals. The state of emergency challenging megacities and suburbs, rampant conflict in cities, places of despair and reservoirs of ģenergiesē and culture, strife-torn cities, the tragedy of refugees, outcasts and displaced persons, are the issues architects and artists are facing.

This exhibition "intends to focus on the deep sense of disorder affecting a society in rapid transformation, where an architect's reference points have been changed completely," said Massimiliano Fuksas, director of this exhibition. "Its focal point is the super screen display measuring 280 by 5 meters. It shows images that capture the immensely complex nature of cities: sprawl, brown fields, social conflict, pollution, plight of refugees, new social centers, stations, airports, shopping centers ­ as well as interviews with 50 prominent architects... As Beuys once said, in the end, artists and architects are but the Red Cross of the world."
7th International Architecture Exhibition. Città: Less Aesthetics, More Ethics
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