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thursday :: december 12, 2002
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:: information wants to be free

On December 9th-15th, zelig.rc2, a week of workshops, demonstrations, encounters, debates, on networks, communication, free software and electronic resistance. A week during which people will talk about technics, politics, desires, creations, movements... After the European meeting of December 2000 (zeligConf), and the hexagonal meeting of February 2001 (no-zelig), we again want to open a temporary communication laboratory, a space- time of knowledge and skills, an autonomous zone where could converge and combine cultures of hack and activism, practises of counter-information and productive spirit of free software, creativity of social movements and networks community.

So, this time again we want to bet on mixing experiences, on hybridation of identities, on transversality of thoughts and practises. We want to bet on productive cooperation between multiple realities of contest and social innovation acting up in the folds of Reality. zelig.rc2 will articulate auround several themes (Electronic resistance, Cyberfeminism is an attitude, Alternative communication).

In the stitches of this thematic net, will also be open several works. Specifically : free software for kids and education, ressources for associative networks (firewall, inner democracy), wireless communication (WiFi), electronic contest software (Reamweaver), etc.

At last, zelig.rc2 will be the occasion to present certain initiatives and projects : no-log (non-logged connection services), l'Autre net (alternative provider), AlternC (software kit for websites hosting), Plug'n'Politix (political initiative), Glasnost (Intranet fot associations), Libre entreprise, Fédération informatique et liberté, hacklabs (Italy, Spain)...

With this melting pot of good reasons to meet and meet again, we intend to call back this good old hacker principle : Information wants to be free. It must not, as an impotent injunction, it wants, as the political stake is our freedom to move, think, code, talk, love, create, innovate. Information wants to break free, because it cannot be submitted to commercial diktats nor police injunctions. >from *zelig.rc2 - Information wants to be free*, Paris, october 14, 2002. via griselda

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the hacktivismo declaration: assertions of liberty in support of an uncensored internet. july 18, 2002

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