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el dorado se mueve
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El Dorado on the move, El Dorado is here.
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barrio de el dorado, bogotá, colombia

"ElDorado se mueve" ("ElDorado on the move") is the action / intervention which closed the 3EAE (3rd Arquitectura Expandida Meeting) and launched a new meeting point between culture, live arts and the community of the El Dorado neighborhood in Bogotá.

The site proposed for the action was a vacant lot adjacent to the El Dorado neighborhood parish, which despite being in a good location was abandoned and unequipped. Thus, we considered the possibility of using its privileged location for a collective construction experiment geared towards promoting local culture in the area.

During two weeks of field work involving several different groups engaged in various tasks related to art, architecture and cultural management, together with the local residents and with the support of the local parish, we defined a series of strategies to recover the site and subsequently create an outdoor stage and seating area.

The main actions involved publicising the project and putting out a call for community involvement, setting up an on-site design workshop, physically fitting-out the site and improving accessibility (cleaning, floor leveling, painting and removal of debris, among other duties) and constructing the elements of the stage (bleachers, a canopy and a mobile platform).

The project was made possible by the support of the Cultural Affairs Office of the Spanish Embassy in Colombia, the recovery and re-use of materials (tyres, various types of debris, etc) and the donation of materials by the Latin American HomeCenter construction retailers, and of trees and plants by the José Celestino Mutis Botanical Garden of Bogotá.

"El Dorado se mueve" is a joint project by Arquitectura Expandida, Corporación Cultural Hatuey, Straddle3, Citio-Ciudad Transdisciplinar, Habitat Sin Fronteras, Pandemia AudioVisual, Territorios-Luchas, Uniagustiniana and El Dorado Neibourghood Community.

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