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2008 - 2010
architecture, install, recent / highlighted
alien nacion
multipurpose unit
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david juarez latimer-knowles
maría ceballos
michele pecoraro
vidajoc crew
mobile architecture
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mobile unit for a cultural association.

after the experience of park-a-part, in nautarquía we intend to explore the possibilities of improving the bioclimatic conditions in construction with containers. the first location of the module, provided for two years, is in a continental environment with strong thermal contrasts in the day-night cycle, especially in winter, where it's possible to be as cold as five degrees below zero at dawn but positive eighteen degrees in a sunny noon the same day.

for that reason, and because of topographic features of the terrain we have chosen to partially bury the construction and to get overcome one of the major drawbacks of containers and light prefabricated in general: the low thermal inertia. We also implemented double insulation, interior and exterior, and passive heating systems as are the south gallery for the winter and the pebble bed beneath the structure. these systems are complemented with solar panels for water heating selfcontrol.

with these systems, which will be supplemented by a biomass boiler and photovoltaic panels for electricity generation, our goal is to achieve energy autonomy of the module in comfort conditions.

the module is supplied with rainwater collected in a cistern nearby and has dry toilet and a biological purification system of gray water produced.

built area: 120 square meters
useful area: 115 square meters
bedrooms, kitchen and rest room included

Materials used: shipping containers, emergency housing modules recovered from a transitional neighborhood in Zaragoza (via RecetasUrbanas), metal profiles, sandwich plate second-hand wooden boards recovered after an exhibition, cellular polycarbonate recovered of a trade show, windows and glass from a municipal waste treatment facility, new wooden slats and recovered works, isolation of natural cork, guides and pulleys for sliding doors, cross-linked polyethylene pipe, valves, screws, various putties, paints and varnishes.

chung fu
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